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High Octane Teamwork

Adrenaline Pumping, High Energy, Fast Paced Track to Success

Join the adrenaline pumping, high energy, fast paced track to success. Using High Octane Teamwork, learn to build a team that works with the efficiency of a professional pit crew. Discover the necessities of how to drive your company at speeds that leave the competition behind. It is a fact that the greatest Fortune 500 companies got there because of teamwork. Uncover the secrets to place you and your company on the road to the winner’s circle.

Hiring the Right People

One Good Hiring Move and You Are A Superstar

It's an incredible feeling when you make a great hiring move. One good hiring move and you are the superstar of your company or organization. When you make a bad hiring decision, the financial and emotional costs are staggering. The blue chip players in your field are either going to work for you or for your competition.  If you have a great hiring process, they can work for you and be the engine that drives your company's growth.  If you don’t hire them, they will work for your competition and leave you in the dust.


Maximizing the Initial Employment Period for New Employees

The purpose of this on-boarding process can be summarized in four words: intentionality, structure, clarity, and coaching.  This process will help you clarify exactly what you expect in each position.  Then, it will help you build a very intentional structure and coaching strategy to achieve those expectations.  Your investment of time and energy at the beginning of each new hire’s employment will pay huge dividends.

T.I.P. Software

Maximizing the Initial Employment Period fro New Employees

TIP is the only performance appraisal and review software that helps you create detailed, objective job descriptions, creating a clear understanding of what is expected for each position. With clear expectations people can come to work with a clearer picture of what success looks like. This will create the confidence that your employees desire.


Performance Coaching

Creating the Systems and Focus for Success

A skills based coaching systems that builds the structure and the skills for leaders to coach their staff to higher levels of performance.  Coaching is the missing element in most leader's toolbox.  Understanding and applying the elements of the performance coaching system will enable leaders to perform at a higher level in every aspect of their job.

Building Blue Chip Players

Advanced Coaching

The Building Blue Chip Players - Advanced Coaching System enables you to build the belief systems that will drive the actions that your team must take to meet your 2011 goals.  All three elements – beliefs, actions, and results are critical to create the success you want.  Results are not sustainable without the right actions consistently done over time.  The right actions only happen consistently when the right beliefs are in place.


Breakthrough Point Two Day Intensive

Jump-Start Your Journey to Success

The Breakthrough Point two day intensive is a catalytic event.  You will be with others just like yourself who are building a new reality that is more joyous and abundant for them and those around them.  The camaraderie is phenomenal and the speed with which you will break through barriers is amazing.  You will leave this event energized because you are living your future – now!


Leadership System

The Complete Personnel Development Program

The Leadership Development System is the most comprehensive leadership program on the market.  It combines all the skills based performance coaching training with reality engineering and the BAR Formula from our "Building Blue Chip Players"  advanced coaching training.  If you want to totally transform your workforce to be a well oiled machine, this is the package for you. 


Any of the products you find on this page can be purchased in our online store through the "store" button in the toolbar


Breakthrough Point Webinar Series

Jump-Start Your Journey to Success From Home

If you can’t be at an Breakthrough Point two day intensive or the evening process, the Breakthrough Point web meetings are you best choice.  This series of four webinars will help you build your future.  The same process used during the one day intensive is used in these high impact web meetings to propel you toward your future.  You will be in the web meeting with others just like yourself who are ready to build a new reality that is more joyous and abundant for them and those around them.  The advantage of the web meetings is that you build the future you want without the costs of travel.  You will finish energized because you are living your future – now.


Breakthrough Point Self-Study Guide

Leading Your New Future

If you want something that you can use on your own, the Breakthrough Point Self-Study Guide is the place to start.   Everything you need to build the future you really want is in this system.  You will get a workbook that you will use to plan and build your future reality.  A series of audio CDs and access to the videos on our website enable you to experience the changing your script even at a time that is convenient for you.  The same process used during the one day intensive is taught in this high impact process.  Plus, if you decide to participate in a future live program, you automatically get a discount because you have the resource material.


The 90 Day Accelerator

If you want exponential growth in your life in 2011, there is a three month process that will forever change your life.  This process is only for those that are serious about making lasting change that will have a massive impact on your own life and those around you. 

This twelve week process will push you to love stronger, think deeper, and live greater.  Using this more accelerated version of the Changing Your Script process, you will dramatically improve your personal life and your business.


For information on this explosive process, call John at 706-424-2725 to talk about the details.  You will be forever thankful.


The Year of Living Intentionally

What would happen in your life is for just one year you make the decision to live very intentionally?  Instead of running from your fears, facing them.  Instead of giving up, pushing through.  Instead of doing the same ole thing you have done for the past ten years, pushing yourself into new patterns of action to get different results. 


I can tell you from first hand experience that a year of living intentionally will change your life forever. You will never be the same.  This unbelievable and very exclusive process will push you to explore yourself as never before.  You will learn to love stronger, think deeper, and live greater.  What you will achieve will be simply amazing. 


In the Year of Living Intentionally, you will face the real barriers that keep you in your current reality and break through them to experience a greater sense of peace, power, and prosperity in your life.  You won’t be disappointed. 


For more information on experiencing the Year of Living Intentionally, call John at 706-424-2725 and talk with him personally.

Career Accelerator

Taking Your Career to New Heights

If you are tired of circling the wagons for another year waiting for things to improve and are ready to explore your career to new heights, the Career Accelerator is the system to use.  The Career Accelerator process is designed specifically for people that are ready to take their career to the next level.  This systematic and dynamic process will provide everything you need to propel your career forward.


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