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Building Blue Chip Performers to Grow Your Business

When coaches are building a sports program they always look for blue chip players – players with the potential to be very high performers who can help the team be successful. In business that is every leader’s question. How do I take my team and build them into high performers who can grow the business?

If you examine consistently winning sports programs you see some common characteristics. They know how to find people with potential. They look for people who have the potential to be good at what they do. They also look for people who can fit into their system. If an athlete has raw talent, but can’t fit into the coach’s system, the person will not grow and be successful.

The final component for winning coaches is an effective system. The sports system is designed to take people with potential and turn them into blue chip players that can help the team win.

The same is true in the workplace.  The keys to growth are building a system that develops blue chip players and then finding those individuals who want to grow in your system. This is also the missing piece in most organizations. Most organizations lack an effective system for building blue chip employees.

Implementing an effective coaching system is a key to turning potential into results.  Remember, blue chip employees are not born that way.  They may be born with talent, but it takes a leader and a good coaching system to turn raw talent into high performers .

Three Essentials

Build an effective system and you will build a work team that is unstoppable.  From an organizational level, building blue chip employees requires three essentials.

  • Alignment
  • Awareness
  • Accountability

These essentials, combined into one system, turn good performers into blue chip performers and average performers into very good performers.  It is all in how you build them .

Alignment. Most people are not naturally self-starters.  They are instead adapters - they adapt to the environment in which they find themselves.  If you want more high performers, all of the components must be in alignment to help people make the transition mentally, emotionally, and physically (expectations, feedback, skill development, compensation and much more).  They won’t become blue chip players just because you pay them well.

Awareness. Becoming a high performer requires a different mindset.  Blue chip employees think differently than average performers.  Do you know how to build the mindset and beliefs that support very high performance?  It can be taught.  Blue chip performers also know how to leverage their actions to get greater results.  Have you taught them how to leverage their actions for exponential results?

Accountability. Blue chip players also have a strong sense of accountability for their actions and success.  They understand that actions have consequences, and they are willing to take responsibility for their own actions.  Are you building positive accountability in a way that helps everyone on your team focus on success?

The Blue Chip Support Systems

Creating alignment, awareness, and accountability begin by implementing four support systems:

  • Expectations
  • Focus
  • Feedback
  • Accountability

Expectations. High performance begins with clear expectations.  But expectations are more than just a goal to achieve.  Do your future blue chip players know the steps required to get great results?  Do they know how a high performer thinks and what a blue chip performer does every day ?

Focus. You, the leader, must implement a system to keep your team focused on the right things consistently.  It would be nice if the person just did it on his or her own, but remember, most people are not self-starters.   Even blue chip performers require an effective system to keep them focused on the right things.

Feedback . High performers must know how they are doing.  And it must be timely. Building blue chip performers, though, requires a different feedback process than most leaders use – a system that actually makes feedback easier and more productive.  Most leaders never use this one system, which is why they have good performers rather than blue chip employees.

Accountability. Positive accountability is essential for creating high performers.  When they focus on how good they can be, you are entering the world of blue chip performance.  Implementing an effective accountability system creates natural movement toward exceptional results.

That Something Extra

Building the four support systems is a start, but creating blue chip players requires the infusion of that “something extra.”  Are you creating that “something extra” in your staff that drives them to excel?  That something extra is more than just the desire to improve.  Do they believe that you are their biggest advocate and also their most demanding coach?  Are you teaching them how to leverage their efforts to get exponentially greater results?  Are you creating the drive to succeed?  Are you teaching them the secrets that will allow their career to prosper?  Most likely, they won’t find it on their own.  Teach them, though, and they will soar !

Advanced Coaching Skills

The systems and the something extra are essential.  There is one last piece to building blue chip players – great coaching.  High performers need leaders who have great coaching skills that they apply consistently.  Raw taleBlue Chipnt is just that – raw – until it is molded by a coach.  If you build the systems described above, then the remaining secret is mastering the advanced coaching skills.  Examine blue chip performers in any field and you will find a leader somewhere on their journey that turned raw talent into exceptional talent.

Every potential blue chip player has a drive for success.  If you teach the person to channel that drive for results, the impact will be spectacular.  Many people have raw talent.  Those who develop their raw talent into blue chip talent always have a coach to guide them on their path.  This advanced coaching system will show you how to find the drive for success in everyone, and build a platform for consistent growth.

Here are the advanced coaching skills you will learn in this training:

· How to assess your raw talent to determine if they have the key factors to be a blue chip performer

· How to get people to take full responsibility for their own success

· How to teach people to fix their own problems instead of fixing them yourself

· How to quickly determine the emotional drivers for each person on your team

· How to identify the belief barriers that inhibit exceptional results

· How to apply Reality Engineering and the BAR formula to build blue chip players in your business

· Mastering the coaching template to use in all coaching situations

· How to address “blind spots” that inhibit growth

· How to quickly determine when your team members are getting off track and help them make corrections

· How to become fully present in the coaching moment

· How to build the mindset of the advanced coach

· How to push people out of their comfort zone to grow

· How to apply the five observation filters to quickly sift through information

· The five causes of performance issues and how to address them.

· Mastering the skill of following your hunch

· How to speak the truth with compassion

This advanced coaching system will teach you how to observe your staff more effectively and quickly sift through thousands of bits of information when working with your team to find the key gems that will propel your team members toward success.  It will show you how to reinforce self-starter characteristics every day.  You will learn how to build the belief system in your team that leads to blue chip results.

Plus, using the Advanced Coaching System, you will know in 90 days if someone can develop into the performer that you need them to be to drive your business forward.  The Advanced Coaching System is designed to build blue chip performers.  Using the systems, skills, and knowledge you will learn in this system will take you and your team to the next level amazingly fast!

In addition, you will actually reduce the time you spend coaching your staff every day.  I know this sounds strange, but it is true.  You can actually reduce the amount of time you spend coaching your staff by consistently apply the advanced coaching skills and systems you will learn in Building Blue Chip Players.

Learning the Advanced Coaching System

Sign up for our February 15th seminar before January 10th and receive $100 off the registration cost!

There are two ways you can learn how to build blue chip players in your organization.

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Webinars – January 25 & February 1 – 3:00 – 4:30pm

If you can’t attend the live meeting in Athens, you can attend the two webinars on January 25 and February 1 to get the core information for Building Blue Chip Players. The two webinars are $697 total for one location. Additional locations are $159 per location for both webinars. You can gain the key knowledge for building high performers right from your office or training room .

For more information on how to turn your team into superstars in 2011, contact John Brantley at [email protected] or 706-424-2725.  Without superstars you can’t play at the top of your game.


February 15th – Athens, GA – One Day Intensive Training

On February 15th John Brantley will lead a one day Advanced Coaching Seminar in Athens, GA. You will learn all of the essentials plus build a specific plan for one potential superstar that you can take back and implement immediately in the first quarter of 2011. The investment for the Advanced Coaching Seminar is $897. Sign up before January 10th and get $100 off the cost.


Building Blue Chip Players

Advanced Coaching System

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