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Career Accelerator

Take Your Career to New Heights


Ready to take your career to new heights?

If you are tired of circling the wagons for another year waiting for things to improve and are ready to take your career to new heights, the Career Accelerator can help you get there.  The Career Accelerator process is designed specifically to help those in sales and commission roles you build the belief systems and action plans to achieve aggressive growth goals in 2011.

Reality Engineering – Building Your Future

The secret to taking your career to the next level is not more sales training or learning new techniques. Training can help, but it is not the answer. Most people think about taking their career to the next level, but it stays just outside of their reach.  They try and try but can’t quite get there.  There is actually a logical reason why most people never really reach the potential in their career.  T he key is understanding Reality Engineering .

Every reality...

Every reality, whether it is the future that you want or where you are now, is built in the same way. We call it the BAR formula.  Understand this formula and you take the first step to accelerating your career.

Everything starts with beliefs.  What we believe determines the actions that we take every day.  The actions create the results that we achieve.  The results are how we define the reality that we are living.

So, B – Beliefs , drive A – Actions , which create R – Results, that define our reality.


Every reality has its own BAR formula. For example:  If you have been successful in your career, it is because you are embracing a specific BAR formula that supports the results you are getting now.  If you are not as successful as you want to be, it is because the BAR formula that you use (beliefs + actions = results) does not support your goals.

Develop the beliefs and actions to support the future you desire and your career moves to the next level.  I don’t want to make it sound trite or overly simplistic.  It is hard work changing beliefs and accelerating your career.  But, when you do change key beliefs, they create new actions that get the results that define your new reality.

How we get sidetracked when trying to change

Most of our plans for making change are destined for failure because they break the basic rules of the BAR formula.  Here is what I mean.  When people begin making change they usually do one of two things.

  1. Some start doing more of what they have done in the past.  They think that if they can just peddle faster they can get to that future that they want.  This is particularly true of people who have experienced success in the past with one way of thinking and acting.  While this helped them get where they are, more of this thinking and acting will not get them to a new level of performance.  Doing more of your current actions will only create more of the current results you are getting.  You might begin moving toward the future, but you will eventually create the old patterns and wind up back where you are.

  1. Others start taking actions in alignment with the future reality but don’t change their beliefs to support these new actions.  As a result, they can’t sustain the new actions and they eventually drift back to the old actions.

Recognize either of those patterns?         There is a better way.

Knowing how to change beliefs

The key to accelerating growth in your career is first changing key beliefs that are creating your current career results.  Let me explain what I mean here, lest you get confused. Think about the way you do business now. How you organization your time, who you do business with, the types of things you do with them. You have patterns that you work every day. These patterns are based on a set of beliefs. These beliefs are about you, success, where you have personal power, who you like working with, how you think life works, and other things. Some of your beliefs are very conscious and intentional. Other beliefs you are not even aware of. Growing your business will require changing something about these beliefs. It may be large changes or small changes, but it does require changing beliefs in some way.

Here is an example: Most people are comfortable with a specific niche of people. They like doing business with this group. Usually they identify with this group in some way. To grow the business will require stepping outside of that group or finding more groups like the one you are doing business with. Doing this means changing something about your beliefs.

Some beliefs are easy to change and others are more challenging, but it can be done if the future you want is strong enough. The secret is knowing how to remove the emotional hook that keeps you attached to old beliefs, old actions, and old results.  Just because they helped you achieve your current level of success does not mean that they will help you get to your 2011 goals and beyond.   Once the emotional hook is removed, the belief no longer holds power over you.  You are free to follow a different path and create a new future for your business.

Everything Begins in the Inside

What we are really saying is that the future for you and your career begins on the inside. Without changing key beliefs that keep you where you are, the future you desire will not materialize.  That is why we created Career Accelerator.  Career Accelerator is a systematic process to help you build the beliefs and actions in your life to create the future that you want.

Using the latest in change technology, Career Accelerator provides a proven transformational process to help you begin living the future now.  By defining clearly the future you want and understanding the BAR formula that supports that future, you will start the journey to exceed all of your goals for 2011 and beyond.  But that is only part of the journey.

The most innovative and truly life changing part of Career Accelerator is the method used to find and remove the barriers that keep you from achieving the future you really want. This unique process can help you find, face, and confront even the most difficult and negative beliefs and patterns in your business that hold you back.  Finding and changing these beliefs and patterns, regardless of how much they have helped you in the past, is a key for building the future you want.  Remember, the biggest obstacle for many people to accelerating your career is past success.   They get tied to the actions that got their past success and they can’t let go of them and embrace the new actions that will lead to future success.

The Disciplines of Future Success

Advancing your career will require mastering a new set of disciplines also. It is not enough to just change beliefs. You must also change the actions you take every day. The disciplines of Career Accelerator create new actions that will lead to greater results. The disciplines of Career Accelerator help you do two important things:

· Build the inner life of success

· Build the daily actions that lead to greater success

The disciplines of Career Accelerator create more:

· Focus

· Accountability

· Leveraging of your actions to create exponential results

These four key disciplines for success will enable your future to prosper. Once these old beliefs and actions are removed, practicing the disciplines of Career Accelerator opens the door to grow your career.  Building a new future for your career is a very proactive process.  The great thing is that the disciplines for creating lasting change are taught in a very practical way.  You can immediately begin applying these four disciplines to create dramatic results.

· Accountability Partner

· Daily focus on future

· Take your MEDSS dail y

· Take intentional action daily

o Applying the handful principle

o Key Drivers, Key Choices, Key Booby traps

o Planning tomorrow today

o Living in the moment

o Daily reflection

Start Now

The Career Accelerator beings a new series on January 12.  In this process we you will examine every aspect of your career to define and implement the optimum strategy for success in the future.  Here are just a few of the things you will learn and apply in this process.

· How to examine what has created your current reality

· How to clearly define the future that you desire

· How to identify the bottlenecks that inhibit your growth

· How to clearly understand your role in the future success of your career

· Understanding the three things you must do different to grow your career

· How to build a work culture that supports your career goals

· How to get everyone on-board to support your career goals

· How to leverage your actions to create exponential growth

· How to get out of your own way

There is a great deal more in this 90 day process that will change your career forever.

How the Career Accelerator Work

Career Accelerator is a 90 day process designed to create intentional strategies and growth during a 3 month period that will accelerate your career throughout the year and beyond.  You will meet each month for a full day to understand and apply the Career Accelerator System in your work. You will take an initial assessment to create a clear benchmark of where your career is now and where you want it to go.  Each month you will leave with action plans to implement during the next 30 days. You will then return for a second full day session where you will receive additional strategies to implement that build on the initial strategies.  In the final month you will ingrain these strategies, systems, and processes throughout your daily actions to create exponential growth.


Career Accelerator is an amazingly affordable system that you can pay at one time or over a three month period. You will get a complete workbook and planning system plus audio CDs to reinforce your actions every day. Plus you will have three full day sessions over the three month period and a 30 minute coaching session via phone with John Brantley each month.

The investment is only $800 per month for three months. Pay in one payment and save $150. Plus, if you sign up before January 10th you get a free telephone or in-person planning session (60 minutes) with John Brantley to kick-start your efforts.

For more information about how you and your business can be a part of the Career Accelerator experience, call John Brantley at 706-424-2725 and talk with him personally about this dynamic and powerful process.

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