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I recently had an intriguing discussion with a colleague about success and fear of failure. It boiled down to one question, “Can someone overcome a fear of failure or any other fear and build the future they really want?”

Yes! But the real question is how? How do you overcome fears that keep you from building the future that you really want in your life?

I spent the last five years passionately exploring this one topic, professionally and personally. Wow! What I discovered was simply transformational.

In the words of MasterCard - “Priceless.” The “pearl of great price.”

The answer was amazing logical and simple. Here is how it works:

Rhythm of Action

We all develop a rhythm of action (ROA) in our lives. It includes:

  • What we do
  • How we do it
  • When we do it
  • Who we do it with

This rhythm of action (ROA) creates the results we are getting now. We call this our Current Reality. Our ROA either propels us toward our goals or keeps us spinning in the same place. If fear of failure is an issue we develop our rhythm of action (ROA) to keep our fears in check. Or, we develop an ROA that always puts us in a failure place.

Once we repeat the ROA long enough, we go on “autopilot.” We do things without even thinking about them – instinct. If the ROA is based on fear, then we organization our life around controlling our fears, rather than facing them. Two examples will help.

How do you react when conflict happens? Do you become defensive or submissive? Passive or aggressive? Whatever you do, you probably do it without thinking about it. It just happens. Same is true with stress. In a stressful situation what do you do? Become focused or scattered? Eat uncontrollably or, stop eating? Whatever you do, most of us do it without thinking. We are on “autopilot.” We may not be conscious of the fear that is driving us, but we can usually feel it in our body.

Our ROA impacts every aspect of our lives – relationships, health, career, finances, etc.

If you like where you are, you feel good about your ROA. If you don’t like where you are, then you must change your ROA to create something new.

This is where it gets interesting.


The source of our current reality and ROA is our beliefs beliefs about self, others, success, personal power, and how life works. We don’t act randomly. We act the way we do because we believe certain things to be true about ourselves, success, personal power and lots of other things. These beliefs drive our ROA every day. If these beliefs are positive then they propel us forward. If they are negative they usually have fear attached to them and they become an obstacle to success.

Beliefs and ROA are directly connected. Building a new future means changing your ROA. This requires changing the beliefs that created the old ROA.

Core Beliefs & Surface Beliefs

Beliefs fall into two camps: surface beliefs and core beliefs. Surface beliefs are developed later in life because we tried something and it worked. These are relatively easy to change. There is little emotion attached to them.

Core beliefs have been with us for a long time. We have identity attached to them. They may be limiting or liberating for us. Either way, we see them as truths. If fear is driving your life, it is connected in some way to a limiting core belief. Finding, facing, and removing that limiting belief is a key for future success.

Remove Limiting Beliefs and Face Your Fears

Thanks to a friend, I discovered a way to find and remove limiting beliefs (fears) and replace them with liberating beliefs that support a new future. I was so intrigued with this process that I applied it in my own life. WOW!

It completely changed my perspective, focus, and energy level. Sure, it took work real change always requires effort, but it was worth it. Anxiety and fear were replaced with a deep sense of peace and personal power.

If success is a struggle, limiting beliefs and fears are standing in the way. If you dream of a new future, but can’t seem to create it, the issue is limiting beliefs. Finding these beliefs and replacing them with liberating beliefs that support the future you want are the keys to success.

Removing Barriers to Growth

What I discovered was life changing. Limiting beliefs are not universal laws. They are simply beliefs that we developed at some time in our lives. They can be changed. To change them, we must do five things:

  • Find them
  • Face them
  • Confront them
  • Release them
  • Replace them

Apply this powerful process and you control your own destiny.

Living by Love

We are most alive and successful when we are driven by love. When we love what we do we put our full effort into it. When we love someone we delight in spending time with them. When we love something we are more curious about it. We work to make it the best, whether it is work, family, career or something else. When we love ourselves we are at peace and have a greater sense of joy and happiness.

When fear drives our actions, we are always “trying to get there” “trying to keep bad things from happening.” It is a reactive approach to life. Life becomes more stressful than it needs to be.

The Secret

The secret to building the future you desire is knowing how to replace limiting based beliefs with liberating beliefs. Do this and the path to success becomes clear. The energy to achieve success emerges.

Reality Engineering, is a powerful process to help you build liberating beliefs and the future you desire.

Feedback from Professionals

Here is a real plus! As I mapped this process I continually got feedback from professionals (therapists, ministers, executive coaches, business leaders, and teachers) to ensure that the design was sound and solid. I had to know that the process was sound psychologically, methodologically, professionally, and spiritually before I could share it with others. A unanimous “yes” was the feedback.

If you are ready to create a new future, Reality Engineering can show you the way.

Here are some of the comments people have made about Reality Engineering :

· This process has helped me change patterns I have been replicated for years.

· This process is both practical and profound.

· I am learning more about myself every day.

· The tools I learned in the process have really helped me stay on track.

· I finally have learned that I can control my destiny.

I would like for you to be a part of this life-changing journey. Take it from me personally, it is never too late to live your dreams and achieve what you want to achieve. I didn’t start until I was 53.

We have done something special, which is why I am writing. We have created a learning system that you can apply to master Reality Engineering. . Plus, we will work with you throughout a full twelve week process to create positive success.

Here is how it works:

Making real change takes a minimum of 90 days. We will guide you through these first 90 days using the total system. Instead of getting something in the mail and then being on your own to make change, we will be with you every step of the way.

Here is what it includes:

· 30 daily lessons that create step-by-step understanding of Reality Engineering . It requires less than 30 minutes a day to take each lesson and then apply it. This gradual learning approach enables you to begin the change process in a way that it will stick! That is the key. You want something that you can keep doing. Five daily lessons a week every week for the first six weeks.

· Mastery path for the second six weeks to help you ingrain the positive change and growth you have experienced. Three days a week you will receive additional thoughts, strategies, and encouragement to keep you growing.

· A toolkit of practical tools that will help you build the future you desire. Most programs talk about concepts. This program provides very practical tools and strategies that anyone can use.

· Daily emails that will provide both encouragement and insights for the journey.

· And, you have email access to me throughout the entire 90 days.

· Plus, we will show you how to find an accountability partner - an essential component of the journey.

· And, we show you how to identify and remove the barriers that keep you from growth and positive change.

Also, call us for personal coaching details.

The investment is only $247 for the whole system.

I hope that you will begin building the future you desire immediately. You are most alive when you are growing and changing – pursuing your dreams. Reality Engineering gives you the power to create the future you really desire.

My cell phone number is below. Call me and we can talk about any details.

John Brantley


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