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How to Develop Leadership Skills in College

College is the time for you to grow up, learn how to take care of yourself and the people you love. It is the time when you say goodbye to your childhood years and enter adulthood. Of course, such a transition comes with a lot of responsibilities. Though, it is also a time of great opportunities. One such opportunity is to test your leadership skills, and to see how much you can do not just for yourself, but for others. After all, leadership skills are something you earn in practice. Hence, all college students can work on developing their leadership skills. You just need to know how. Fortunately, we have prepared a brief guide for you on the matter. Here we go!


There is a good reason why volunteering is number one on our list. By volunteering, you leave your selfish motives behind and learn to take care of others. What speaks more of a leader than such actions? There is no particular volunteer project that aims specifically on developing leadership skills. Take any project you like and try working there for a while. Learn about social and personal responsibilities. Learn how to work in a team. Learn how to do the thing. After all, this is exactly the attitude we all expect from a leader.


There is hardly any activity that can build leadership tendencies in a person, starting from a very young age. Sports, especially team sports, are great for developing a sense of responsibility. They also teach you about teamwork, which always comes with strong communication skills and the need for cooperation. Additionally, athletes are well-known for their drive to success, as well as their persistence, determination, and goal-oriented thinking. All of these qualities are something that a strong leader must have.

Extracurricular Activities

Another easy path to develop your leadership skills is by signing up for some extra extracurricular activities. Colleges have numerous clubs and organizations where you can try your luck. You can even try entering student government if you feel that ambitious. Sororities and fraternities are also a good option for you. All of these activities involve communication, coordination, and cooperation. Hence, there are plenty of chances to take leadership positions.

Group Projects

Group projects are, probably, the easiest and most common ways to test your leadership skills. The thing about such projects is that you have no way of escaping them. They are a rather crucial part of many courses. Hence, whenever you have an opportunity to participate in a group project, take it! Moreover, don’t just sit in the corner there, listening to others. When you want to develop a skill, you need to take any chance to practice it. You can always pay for essay online, but where’s the teamwork in that?

Sign up for a course

Most of the options above require a lot of time and socialization. In case this is something that you don’t really fancy, there is another way. You can simply find leadership courses online or in the realm of your campus. Here, you can always ask your lecturer, "can you help me do my homework?", and get some assistance. Often, it is the easiest way to learn more about leadership skills and how to apply them in life. You can order a review for speedypaper to check which courses are the best fit for you. Also, don’t forget to practice those lessons after the theoretical part of your course is over.