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Leadership System

The Complete Personnel Development Program

The Leadership System is a transformational leadership process designed to help your organization build the beliefs, actions, and results throughout your organization to achieve your growth goals.

It all starts with you.

Transforming your team means first transforming yourself as a leader. Build the leadership mindset and actions of exceptional performance and you can quickly and effectively transform your team and blow past those aggressive 2011 growth goals.

The Leadership System has two components: Performance Coaching & Advanced Coaching.

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching builds the essential leadership systems and the basic structure of the coaching process. The goal of Performance Coaching is helping people develop the skills, knowledge, and beliefs to be successful and reinforcing these until they become habits.

Performance Coaching creates focus and builds successful habits. Using the Performance Coaching process you will implement the following systems to support your organization vision and goals:

  • Expectations
  • Focus
  • Feedback
  • Accountability
  • Innovation

These five key systems are the foundation for any successful leadership process. Implement these and you will create a more focused, systematic, and disciplined work team.

Performance Coaching also teaches the basic structure of the coaching process. The four steps in the process are listed below:

  • Goal step – clarifying and getting commitment to expectations and goals
  • Observation step – knowing how to observe and what to observe
  • Awareness step – discussing performance
  • Alignment step – addressing and correcting performance problems

When the five leadership systems are implemented and the basic coaching process is mastered, you will see performance rise. In addition to the coaching process, Performance Coaching also teaches the essential skills to support this process.

Building Blue Chip Players – Advanced Coaching System

Advanced Coaching builds on Performance Coaching to build high performers in your organization. The goal of Advanced Coaching is to help people see what they have difficulty seeing on their own, help them connect the dots, and take full responsibility for their own success.

Advanced Coaching teaches a very advanced set of coaching skills to create maximum alignment of beliefs and actions, greater awareness on the part of team members, and greater accountability throughout the organization.

Reality Engineering

The Advanced Coaching System is built on the breakthrough concept - Reality Engineering. We all have two realities that are important - the reality that we have now (current reality) and the reality that we want to achieve (future reality). The future reality has something important in it that is not in your current reality. So, how do you get from where you are to where you want to be?

The starting point is understanding how realities (all realities) are created. All realities are designed in the same way - the BAR formula.

The BAR formula says that Beliefs drive the Actions we take, which create the Results we achieve, which is how we define Reality . So, your current starts with your beliefs. Change the beliefs and you change the actions. Change the actions long enough and you get a different result. Presto! You have a new reality.

Here is the real key. The BAR formula to create your 2011 goals is probably different than the BAR formula you are using now. You can’t peddle faster or try harder to get there. You must first transform your mind and then your actions to meet these goals.

Reality engineering and the BAR formula help you quickly and accurately identify how people must think and act differently to meet your aggressive 2011 goals. Plus, using the steps in Advanced Coaching you can quickly see where people are out of alignment. This will help you quickly determine where to focus your energy.

Knowing what to do, though, is only half the battle. Building and implementing the plan for success is the final key. This is where the Advanced Coaching System is transformational. The difference between good and great performance is in how people think. The actions that create high performance only come when the right mindset and beliefs are in place. Design the action plan without building the right mindset is like designing a cool car and the omitting the engine.

The Advanced Coaching System enables you to build the belief system that will drive the actions that your team must take to meet your 2011 goals. All three elements – beliefs, actions, and results are critical to create the success you want. Results are not sustainable without consistent right actions. The right actions only happen consistently when the right beliefs are in place.

The Advanced Coaching System shows you how to use the BAR formula to build the unique foundation needed to achieve your growth goals. .

The Advanced Coaching System

Here is what the Advanced Coaching System teaches you:.

  • How to clarify in great detail the beliefs needed for incredibly high performance
  • How to identify and build the right systems to support your growth goals
  • How to ensure that your team’s ROA – rhythm of action – is designed to support the goals you want and need to achieve
  • How to ensure that your team has the right skills and knowledge to support your goals
  • How to build the relationships needed for success
  • How to be fully present in the coaching moment
  • How to create maximum alignment, awareness, and accountability

In addition you will learn in detail

  • Four essential coaching skills and how to apply them with immediate impact
  • The four types of information you receive in every coaching situation
  • The five filters you must use to find the real issues in every coaching situation
  • How to read the waves of information that come your way when coaching
  • The Advanced Coaching System questioning sequence
  • How to speak the truth with compassion

Plus, you will learn to apply four coaching tools in an advanced way

  • The Advanced Coaching System discussion template
  • The Dialogue Planning Tree
  • Breakdown Analysis
  • The Five Layer Look

The Advanced Coaching System is the most advanced coaching system on the market today. The Advanced Coaching System equips you to help people see themselves and their performance in a way that they have never done before. Plus, you will learn how to help them connect the dots and then take full responsibility for their own success.

When you combine the Advanced Coaching System with Performance Coaching, the result is a power Leadership System to meet or exceed any growth goals.

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For strategies and costs associated with equipping every leader in your organization contact John Brantley at 706-424-2725 or email John at [email protected] .

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