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Performance Coaching

Skills Based Coaching For Higher Performance

The Performance Coaching System is a skills based coaching systems that builds the structure and the skills for leaders to coach their staff to higher levels of performance. Coaching is the missing element in most leaders’ toolbox. Understanding and applying the elements of the coaching system will enable leaders to perform at a higher level in every aspect of their job.

Here are the components of the Performance Coaching System that you will learn in this high impact training experience.

The Five Leadership Systems in Performance Coaching

High performance requires the implementation of five key leadership systems. These systems enable people to stay focused on the right things throughout the day, week, and month to achieve key goals.

The five leadership systems are:

  • Expectations – How to define them and get staff to embrace them
  • Focus – How to help your team stay focused on performance every day
  • Feedback – How to give the right feedback at the right time
  • Accountability – How to create positive accountability within your team
  • Innovation – How to build continuous improvement into your team’s mindsets

The Performance Coaching Process

The Performance Coaching process itself has four key steps. Practice these consistently over time and you will be able to address any performance issues honestly, constructively, and quickly.

The coaching process

  • Goal/Expectations Step – How to get commitment to achieve goals
  • Observation Step – How to observe performance to provide good feedback
  • Awareness Step – How to discuss performance
  • Alignment Step – How to correct performance problems

The Essential Coaching Skills

Coaching requires the mastering of four essential skills.

  • Observation skills
  • Listening skills
  • Questioning skills
  • Speaking the truth with compassion

These powerful skills, when applied consistently, will able you to quickly and effective apply the coach process for maximum impact.

The Coaching Toolbox

Like any great craftsman, the great coach knows how to use key tools to maximize the coaching process. Performance Coaching teaches five tools that create high impact when used with the essential coaching skills.

The coaching toolbox

  • The discussion template – The structure for any coaching discussion
  • The dialogue planning tree – How to plan for any coaching situation
  • Breakdown analysis – An essential tool to determine the cause of performance issues
  • Either/Or – An essential tool to create clarity and determine root cause of performance problems
  • Define reality – An essential tool for helping a team member understand the impact of their actions and the reality of the coaching situation


An incredible amount of content is packed into the Performance Coaching System. There are three powerful ways you can learn the Performance Coaching System.

Live One Day Seminar

You can participate in the live one day training sessions for the investment of $495 per person. You will leave with a clear strategy for coaching your staff to higher levels of performance every day.

This is the most practical and easy to apply coaching process on the market today. Dramatic improvements can be seen in weeks when consistently applying the process.

Performance Coaching Webinar

The Performance Coaching process is also taught in three fast paced, high impact webinars. Each of these 60 minute webinars provides the essential information to begin applying the Performance Coaching process in your organization.

Your whole organization can experience each webinar for $299 each session per first location. Sign up for all three webinars and you get a $50 discount. Additional locations are $199 each per session. When you sign up for more than one location for all three webinars, you will also receive the $50 discount off $199.

In-House Training

The greatest impact is achieved when you bring The Performance Coaching System in-house and train all of your leaders to use the system. This creates consistency, greater accountability, and improved productivity throughout your organization.

To discuss details and costs for bringing the Performance Coaching System in-house, contact us at 706-795-3557 or email us at [email protected]


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