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Web Meetings

Jump-Start Your Journey to Success from Home


Winter Dates - January 11, 18, 25 and February 1

If you can’t be at a Changing Your Script two day intensive or the evening process, the Changing Your Script web meetings are you best choice. This series of four webinars will help you build your future. The same process used during the one day intensive is used in these high impact web meetings to propel you toward your future. You will be in the web meeting with others just like yourself who are ready to build a new reality that is more joyous and abundant for them and those around them. The advantage of the web meetings is that you build the future you want without the costs of travel. You will finish energized because you are living your future – now.

During the web meetings, you will:

  • Clearly define the future that you want and the BAR formula that supports it
  • Make your personal commitment to “burn the bridges to the past” and move forward
  • Assess your current reality with objectively and honesty
  • Experience the power of finding, facing, confronting, and releasing those pesky beliefs that have been holding you back – what a transforming event.
  • Then you will begin practicing the disciplines of Changing Your Script that will enable your future to prosper .

Investment – January $297 for four session – Sign up by December 28 th and only pay $159 !


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